FASHION | The road to The Ned Prix de Fashion 2024

14 Nov 2023
Auckland Thoroughbred Racing

Get excited fashionistas! All roads for New Zealand’s fashions in the field competitions lead to the national final – The Ned Prix de Fashion – which is finally heading back to the Derby Day runway for 2024.


The national winner will not only take home the coveted Supreme Winner title but a $15,000 prize package from The Ned, with other prizes still to be announced.

Today we’ve outlined how the competition works, what events will see their winner automatically qualify for the Regional Final AND answered some FAQs.


2023 winner of The Ned Prix de Fashion, Lily Simons

How does The Ned Prix de Fashion work?

1. Regional Pre-Qualifier Competitions


What are they?

The Ned Prix de Fashion 2024 kicks off with a selection of fashions in the field competitions held by racing clubs at racedays across the 2023/24 season.

How to enter?

Check in with the racing clubs online (websites and/or social media) to view their competition’s entry details.

Who qualifies and how?

It’s easy! The women announced as the winners* of the below Regional Pre-Qualifier Competitions will fast-track themselves for a spot in the Regional Final of The Ned Prix de Fashion 2024 as a ‘Regional Finalist’.


2. Derby Day Qualifying Round | Back for 2024


What is it?

This phase of the competition is the FINAL chance to qualify for The Ned Prix de Fashion and will be held on Derby Day, 2 March 2024, prior to the Regional Finalists taking to the stage in The Ned Prix de Fashion Regional Final.

How to enter?

Entrants will be able to register for this competition on the day.

Who qualifies for the Semi Final and how?

The four entrants who score the most points, as determined by our panel of judges, will be sashed and qualify for those final coveted spots in the Regional Final.


3. Regional Final


What is it?

This phase features the Regional Finalists (those winners of the Regional Pre-Qualifier Competitions) as well as the four ‘Wildcard Finalists’ from the aforementioned Derby Day qualifying competition.

How to enter?

This phase is open to those pre-qualified Regional and Wildcard Finalists and will see them take to the stage following the conclusion of the Derby Day fashion competition.

  • For the past three seasons, the judges have scored contestants via a points-based system. This will be utilised again in 2024.

Who qualifies and how?

The five Regional Finalists who score the most points in this phase will be announced and sashed as The Ned Prix de Fashion Grand Finalists for 2024.


4. Grand Final


Out of the five Grand Finalists, the Supreme Winner – the person with the most points – is announced and takes home the winner-takes-all prize package, the all-important sash and one year’s worth of bragging rights to being the New Zealand’s fashions in the field titleholder for the 2023/24 racing season.


Regional Pre-Qualifying Competitions 2023/24

Be announced the winner* of one of the below competitions and you’ll pre-qualify for the Regional Final of The Ned Prix de Fashion 2024.

  • 14 October | Livamol Classic Raceday – Hawke’s Bay Racing Club


  • 7 November | Melbourne Cup Day – Otago Racing Club


  • 18 November | New Zealand Cup Day – Canterbury Jockey Club


  • 25 November | Counties Cup Day – Auckland Thoroughbred Racing, Pukekohe Park


  • 16 December | SkyCity Hamilton Waikato Cup Day – Waikato Racing Club


  • 26 December | Boxing Day Races, Auckland Thoroughbred Racing, Pukekohe Park (Two qualifying spots)


  • 20 January | NZCIS Wellington Cup Day – Wellington Racing Club


  • 17 February | Invercargill Gold Cup Day – Southland Racing Club







I’ve pre-qualified for the Regional Final, do I have to wear the same outfit I wore when winning my qualifying competition?

The conditions remain the same for 2024’s competition as they always have – winners of the Regional Pre-Qualifying Competitions may, but do not have to, wear the same outfit they wore when winning their local competition. If you did not win a Regional Pre-Qualifying Competition but instead entered on Derby Day and were announced as a Wildcard Finalist, the look you competed in for that competition will be what you are judged on in the Regional Final.


But wait, isn’t Derby Day traditionally black and white? Will I be penalised for wearing colour?

No, the judges have been instructed to judge on merit despite the style themes for the day to allow for rewearing of an outfit.


How much does it cost to enter The Ned Prix de Fashion?
Nothing! Like all the fashion competitions held by Auckland Thoroughbred Racing, entry into the competition is free for all females aged 18yr+.


I won a Regional Pre-Qualifying Competition. Does that mean I can’t enter another?

No. If you have already won a Regional Pre-Qualifying Competition you can still enter another Regional Pre-Qualifying Competition. However, in the event you are announced the winner of a second Regional Pre-Qualifying Competition, while you will get to take home its listed prizes, the runner-up or second placegetter will instead qualify for a spot in the Regional Final of The Ned Prix de Fashion. (One person can not qualify twice).

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