Meet The Ned Prix de Fashion winner, Sasha Boyens

17 Apr 2024
Auckland Thoroughbred Racing

Amidst the glitz and glamour of this year’s Trackside Derby Day, New Zealand’s racewear aficionados convened oncourse for the country’s highly anticipated fashions in the field competition, The Ned Prix de Fashion, which was won by Auckland’s Sasha Boyens.

The winner-takes-all event promised to be a colourful spectacle, with contenders vying for the coveted title of not only being awarded the title of being the country’s best dressed racegoer for the season and taking home the highly prized sash, but also the incredible $20,000+ prize package courtesy of The Ned and The Victoria Racing Club.

Following a four-year hiatus from in-person competitions, the fashion runway once again became the stage for style here at Ellerslie in March, seeing Sasha Boyens emerge as Supreme Winner of The Ned Prix de Fashion.

Crowned New Zealand’s best-dressed racegoer for 2024, Sasha’s journey, marked by three consecutive years as a grand finalist, showcased her unparalleled flair and fashion evolution.

We chatted to Sasha about her fashions on the field journey over the years and how she came to be announced fairest of them all for 2024.

2024 The Ned Prix de Fashion winner Sasha Boyens

Sasha Boyens in her winning outfit here at Ellerslie on Trackside Derby Day


What made you give fashions in the field competitions a go in the first place?

I attended at Derby Day at Ellerslie seven years ago with my friends and they dared me to enter. I had so much fun doing it that after that I started researching milliners and getting inspiration online for outfits. It all went from there and I decided to try again and give it a proper shot next time.

How long have you been competing in fashions in the field competitions?

Six years competitively.

How would you describe your style? Has it evolved over the years?

I feel like I am always learning and evolving. It’s been a process of trial and error, learning how to dress for my body type and factoring in elements such as colours, prints and the cut of a dress. It’s been a really fun process. I now tend to stick to a silhouette which suits me rather than what’s on trend.

What advice do you have for anybody wanting to get involved in fashions in the field? And do you need to spend lots of your hard-earned cash on an outfit to take part?

My best advice is to have a crack but make it fun. You never know where it may lead to. I’ve always done fashions in the field on a budget. It’s an awesome community so you can often borrow or hire bits too (dresses, hats, bags, shoes…..anything!). Learning how to do your own hair and makeup saves money too.

Sasha’s contemporary outfit which secured her spot in The Ned Prix de Fashion regional final for 2024


Outside the outfit that saw you win The Ned Prix de Fashion, what has been your favourite outfit that you’ve ever worn to a raceday? 

Probably the one I qualified in on Boxing Day at Pukekohe Park last year. The coord was from Dissh and I was immediately attracted to the awesome print. I do love to mix it up with contemporary racewear now and again.

Who’s your number one supporter?

My husband. He’s been encouraging and so supportive of this hobby which I have taken a little too far – haha.  It was so special to have him there when I won!

Sasha and husband Mike celebrating immediately after the announcement of her win in The Ned Prix de Fashion on Trackside Derby Day.


Now that you’ve reached the pinnacle of New Zealand’s racing fashion scene, what’s next for you in your fashions in the field career?

I’d love to compete at a few international race meets. As far as New Zealand goes, you’ll still see me at the track but I’ll now be supporting my friends from the sidelines as they compete.

Do you still get nervous on the runway or does it all come naturally to you now? 

I still get a little bit nervous.  It can be nerve-racking putting yourself out there.

What advice would you give someone who might feel a little daunted by the prospect of competing?

As long as you’re comfortable and love what you’re wearing, the nerves pass once you’re on stage. Don’t forget to smile at the judges and have fun!

Sasha sashays down the runway on Counties Cup Day at Pukekohe Park.


Do these outfits have a life beyond the racetrack, or are they one-time investments? How do you integrate sustainability into racing fashion?

It can get quite expensive. I try to plan ahead as much as possible. I am quite selective in what I buy. Several of the dresses I’ve competed in I can actually wear to work with a blazer. There is also nothing wrong with re-wearing a dress restyled to give it a different perspective.

How do you express your style in your everyday life?

I love fashions on the field as it has given me the opportunity to be really creative and dress a little more extra than I’d usually dress. Parts of that have naturally come into my everyday life. Particularly in terms of what I wear to work – I now wear a lot more colour than I used to.

What’s your favourite fashion trend at the moment and what do you think will be ‘in’ this coming season?

I am seeing statement necklaces and rosettes which I’ve seen styled really cleverly recently. Brooches can be quite striking too so I’m excited to see more of these on the runway in the new season.

Could this be you next year? Keep an eye out on our website and social media for all the updates for 2025.

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