Samara Singh | Meet The Ned Prix de Fashion wild cards

1 May 2023
Auckland Thoroughbred Racing

Samara was one of our ‘wild cards’ in our all-new ‘Opening Round’ to secure herself a place in The Ned Prix de Fashion for 2023. We spoke with Samara ahead of this year’s supreme winner announcement to learn more about her and her fashions in the field journey to date.


Samara’s successful outfit that secured her spot in 2023’s The Ned Prix de Fashion

Firstly, congratulations on making it into New Zealand’s national fashions in the field final! What inspired your outfit? Can you tell us a little bit more about it?

Thank you! My outfit was actually first inspired by some calla lilies that my mum had given me. I loved the natural ombre colours and how vibrant they were.

This outfit is so different to anything I’ve ever done and I wanted it to revolve around the fact that “less is more”. I also tried to avoid matching accessories.

I like to think the ombre pleated skirt is the centrepiece. Lime green is a very popular colour this year and have always absolutely adored pleats so I thought it would be perfect for The Ned Prix de Fashion.

In terms of my millinery, I do a lot of western riding so have always wanted to incorporate a bit of ‘country’ into a racewear look. Claire Hahn knew exactly what I wanted and what she came up with fit my brief perfectly.

Samara enjoying another hobby of hers, western riding


How long have you been entering fashions in the field competitions?

A few years now. My first fashions in the field competition was at Addington in 2019. I wore a sunflower dress I had pieced together myself and millinery I created.

What’s your top tip for a day at the races?

Look up! Whether it be walking around the racecourse, down the catwalk or taking a picture, hold that head high.


Samara beaming in the outfit that saw her qualify for her first The Ned Prix de Fashion in 2022


Who are your fashion icons when it comes to racewear?

A person that has always stood out to me was Carena West who then actually introduced me to Claire Hahn at Claire Hahn Millinery.

From there my list of fashion icons has seemed to grow each season, especially when it comes to observing the Australian racing scene.

If you could visit any raceday in the world, which one would it be?

Lexus Melbourne Cup Day for sure. I went while I was working in Melbourne at 19 and loved it! I would love to go back and experience the fashion now that I’m finding my fashion feet so to speak.

Samara was a Grand Finalist in The Ned Prix de Fashion 2022

How do you think Kiwi racewear differs from that around the world?

I feel like we go off the beaten track with our racing fashion.

The talent and creativity of kiwi entrants always surprises me and I find myself loving all of them.

We also have wonderful local milliners who love experimenting and taking risks.

Is it all about the ‘sash’? What keeps you entering fashions in the field competitions?

The prizes that are up for grabs from amazing sponsors definitely makes winning sashes very appealing. However, I think what really keeps me coming back is the chance to express my creativity with like-minded people. It’s an awesome community to be a part of.

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