Vodafone Derby Day looks for the sophisticated mama

21 Feb 2019
Auckland Thoroughbred Racing

One of our ambassadors, Carena West, is a regular on the fashion circuit and, you’ll be pleased to hear she’s put together some ideas to help you figure out what to wear on Vodafone Derby Day (2 March).

Take it from us, Carena’s advice is second-to-none. Why? You ask…

Well, you could almost call Carena New Zealand’s current “Derby Day” racewear expert, after she placed second in the Victoria Racing Club’s MYER Fashions on the Field competition at Flemington on their very own Derby Day in November last year. (Check out a video of the competition here).

We’ve taken a look and think the looks Carena has curated are a brilliant place to start, particularly if you’re thinking about entering the Hawaiian Airlines Fashion Qualifier Competition next weekend.

Entry into the competition is free, so why wouldn’t you!?

PLUS if you get picked as one of the top four women in that competition, not only will you take home 100,000 Hawaiian Airlines air miles BUT you’ll get a wildcard spot in the regional final of The Ned Prix de Fashion – the national fashions in the field final featuring a winner-takes-all prize package valued at more than $20,000!

Says Carena:

So you’re going to Vodafone Derby Day, but you’re not the kind of lady who is partial to larger-than-life millinery, and you prefer your looks to epitomise your personality – chic and considered.

Vodafone Derby Day is the perfect event at which to showcase New Zealand designers – they scream cool – and our tendency to lean towards monochromatic looks in our everyday dress means there are a ton of options to choose from, no matter what your preference is.

The “I’m sexy, but I also don’t wana show too much skin” look:



The “I could leave here and go straight to a cocktail party” look:

The “Casual cool, but still a little bit dressy” look:

The “I prefer pants” look:

The “Frill Seeker”:

Panicking because you’re entering the fashion on Vodafone Derby Day but your outfit is colour?

Don’t stress! While racegoers are encouraged to get into the spirit of derby days internationally and don black & white, the judges are looking for the best outfit on the day and colour DOES NOT come into their decision, nor will wearing it penalise you in any way.

Over the years you’ll see we have had Derby Day winners in all sorts of colours – last year’s winner Laura Campbell was in white & red!

  • While you’re welcome to wear any colour you like, a dress code applies in many areas on course and, while we hate turning people away, will need to if it’s not adhered to. Check out the raceday dress code here

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