Vale Robert Cyril (Bob) Fulton

9 Apr 2024
Auckland Thoroughbred Racing
It is with great sadness that the Club acknowledges the passing of Robert Cyril (Bob) Fulton, a cherished Life Member of both Counties Racing and the Pakuranga Hunt Club. 
The Fulton family has been intertwined with the fabric of our club for generations.
From Bob’s great uncle Dynes, who was a founding member of the original Franklin Racing Club in the 1920s, to Bob and his twin brother Mawson, who joined in 1963 under their father Cyril’s presidency, the Fultons have left an indelible mark on our community.
Bob’s dedication and service to the Club were exemplary. From his tenure as a steward, where his wisdom and guidance were invaluable under the presidency of Mawson, to his pivotal role in the development of the beloved Onion and Potato Day where, as prominent growers in the local area, they provided all the produce.
His transition to becoming a Life Member in 1994 was a testament to his enduring impact and legacy.
An accomplished show rider in his youth, Bob was also active on the hunt field for many years and served on the Pakuranga Hunt Committee from 1969 until 1988, being made a Life Member of that club in 1975.
Bob died peacefully at home on April 3rd 2024 aged 95 years. He was a much loved husband to the late Joy Fulton; father of Wallace and Hayley, and Justine; grandad to Brigette, James and Fleur; and great grandad to Jack and Kira.

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