TAB Karaka Millions: What to wear to summer's biggest event - Top tips from our ATR Ambassadors

24 Jan 2024
Auckland Thoroughbred Racing

Are you starting to feel a bit anxious because you still haven’t figured out what to wear to the TAB Karaka Millions this week?

We know it can be daunting putting together an outfit for the races, especially an evening affair like the TAB Karaka Millions when you’re not quite sure if your usual racewear attire is a bit too much but by the same token unsure if the dress you’d usually don after dark is the right choice either. Tricky…… 

Well, with just days until this epic night of racing we thought we would call on the experts to provide you with some tips and pics on what to wear so that you’re turning heads for all the right reasons come TAB Karaka Millions night. Here’s what our very fashionable ATR ambassadors, Carena West, Hannah Marinkovich, Ryan Teece and Caitlin O’Sullivan had to say…

Carena West

As VRC’s 2019 Myer Fashions on the Field National Final winner (Aus) a seasoned fashions in the field judge and all round style queen, Carena knows what it takes to put together a killer look no matter what the occasion. Of TAB Karaka Millions Carena says….

“TAB Karaka Millions is the perfect opportunity to experiment with your outfits- it’s an afternoon/evening event so you can be a little more daring and a little less daywear. Experiment with smaller or bejewelled headpieces, or pair a wide brim with a backless dress. Remember to stay chic with your choices – it’s still not the club!”

Hannah Marinkovich

As ATR’s 2017 Prix de Fashion national winner (NZ),  an expert fashion in the field judge with an exquisite eye for detail and breathtaking style, Hannah has the following advice ahead of the TAB Karaka Millions….

“TAB Karaka Millions is probably my favourite raceday, you can’t beat the atmosphere and it’s going to be even more exciting this year with the return to Ellerslie. It is also one of my favourite to dress for. Being summer evening races, you can push the limits on traditional racewear and incorporate a party vibe. Straight away I always go for summer colours, smaller headwear and embellish with the odd sparkle and fun accessories. I love to complete my look with a makeup look to match. It’s good to keep in mind that this raceday is normally extra hot and sunglasses (if they work with your outfit) won’t go amiss.”

Ryan Teece

Ryan always cuts a stylish path wherever he goes, his attention to detail and eye for a well coordinated look is well honed and he has the following advice for those lads and ladies heading to the TAB Karaka Millions….

“TAB Karaka Millions is all about having fun, stepping out of your comfort zone and being bold. Put it this way – there’s no such thing as overdressed on the 27th. 

For the gents, you can use your classic navy suit as your canvas and go wild with a statement tie and accessories. Alternatively, use this opportunity to spice up your wardrobe with something unique. Add a contrasting waistcoat to jazz up a plainer suit (without breaking the bank). Play with textures, colours, and styles you might normally avoid – if you’re unsure, pop into your local menswear store – they’d love to help you. 

Ladies, this is your moment to shine! Be bold. Think oversized bows, unique silhouettes, and fearless colours and patterns. This is your one opportunity of the season to step away from traditional racewear.

Keep the conditions in mind and remember that there will be a lot of walking around, dancing and jumping up and down cheering. You don’t want to be forced to sit on the sidelines because your outfit choice lets you down.  Remember, confidence is your best accessory. Embrace the fun, be bold, and get ready to steal the show at TAB Karaka Millions!

Caitlin O’Sullivan

As a member of racing royalty having grown up immersed in the industry and travelling the world attending some of racings biggest events, Caitlin knows exactly how to put together a winning look come raceday. Of TAB Karaka Millions Caitlin says….

“The TAB Karaka Millions is one of my favourite racedays to dress for! It’s an opportunity to take style risks and step away from traditional racewear. The event itself is colourful and full of glitz and glamour, so I’d suggest dressing to reflect this. Being a twilight event, you can leave the big hats at home and opt for something a little daintier – perhaps some statement clips or a headband, or even no headwear at all and you’ll be right on trend.”

In need of some pics for more inspo……check out our gallery below.

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