Sara Allpress | Meet the 2023 The Ned Prix de Fashion Qualifiers

19 Apr 2023
Auckland Thoroughbred Racing

Is it the year for seasoned The Ned Prix de Fashion qualifier Sara Allpress to take out the national title? Sara has once again qualified for this year’s edition of the national fashions in the field (FITF) final after taking out one of the top spots in the Hawkes Bay Adashiko Fashion Qualifiers. We catch up with Sara below…

Sara in her 2022 The Ned Prix de Fashion entry


We can’t wait to see what you’ve got planned for your 2023 The Ned Prix de Fashion entry. Can you tell us what inspired this year’s outfit?

A cute scarf I purchased as a gift from me to me for a successful year in business. A small gesture to mark the hard work and effort I have put into my work.

If I had to describe my outfit in one word it would be ‘sorbet’.

Sara stuns at Riccarton Park 2021


How long have you been entering FITF competitions?

I have been actively entering FITF competitions for four years. My first racemeet was at Awapuni where I competed for the first time. I started entering fashions as a creative outlet but now it’s so much more than that.

Throughout the last four years, I have gained some wonderful friends through doing fashion on the field, that now not only is it a creative outlet but just a good excuse to dress up with the girls and have a fun day out. We plan our outfits together, get ready as a group and plan wonderful weekends together. Making friends as adults is hard, it’s not like you’re at primary school where there is a playground that you meet new friends, however, there’s a racecourse with food, wine, horses and good fashion. The new and improved schoolyard playground which I’m so happy I’ve found.

Sara’s entry for the 2022 VRC Myer Best Dressed Fashions on the Field competition


What’s your top tip for a day at the races?

Buy a hospitality package if you can. The food is always good, which is needed when having a few beverages, you’ve got a place to sit if your heels start to hurt and a prime viewing spot to watch the races. Nothing beats good food, wine and a few bets.

Sara took out the Contemporary Lady of the Carnival title 2023 in Awapuni this year


Is it all about the ‘sash’? What keeps you entering?

Honestly, for me, I love a sash. I think the majority of us that enter love the feeling of winning a sash. But along with this, I keep entering so that one day I might just win the most beloved sash of all, The Ned Prix de Fashion sash.

I also have major aspirations to head to Victoria Racing Cub and in-fact I am at the end of the year for The Melbourne Cup. I feel all this practice of entering events helps shape one to step foot onto a bigger stage and be competitive against all of our Aussie friends.

New Zealanders bring their A Game, which I hope to do as well, so the more practice I have the more competitive I hope to be.

“I keep entering so that one day I might just win the most beloved sash of all, The Ned Prix de Fashion sash”


What’s your number one rule for a racewear look?

Confidence. If you’re confident in what you are wearing, it doesn’t matter if it is the latest in trends, if you feel amazing that’s all that is important. Well to me anyway.

Sara’s runner-up Derby Day look at Te Rapa 2023.


Are there any trends you’ve seen on the runway or high street this year that you’d like to see make an appearance on the racing fashion stage?

I love Caroline Herera and the latest spring 2023 runway looks are divine. Think extreme opulence, regal-styled gowns and gold-toned embroidery. Inspired by ‘The Empress’ a Netflix series, the collection featured gowns, jumpsuits, stunning embroidery and jeweled toned colours. I fell in love with a jumpsuit featuring an overskirt, which I hope to someday recreate. I love the opulence associated with dressing up for the races, and I can see some of these looks and trends transpiring into race day fashion with ease. Nothing is ever too much. I love to push boundaries, even though I do question myself sometimes.

What’s your favourite raceday on the season calendar?

I love Derby Day. I love the elegance of the day and everyone dressed in black and white.

There’s just something so chic about Derby Day.

Sara walking the runway here at Ellerslie on Vodafone Derby Day 2020, where she went on to be one of the ‘Top 5’ in that edition of The Ned Prix de Fashion


Finally, if you could visit any raceday in the world, which one would it be?

I’d love to head to Victoria Racing Club for The Melbourne Cup which I am so excited to be going to this year. I can’t wait to experience the whole week. The atmosphere looks exhilarating, the racing is top notch and the fashion events are next level.

Ned Prix de Fashion is New Zealand’s national fashions in the field final. There’s still time to enter the opening round with entries closing on the 23rd of April.

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