Raceday fashion for men by style insider, Murray Bevan

25 Feb 2019
Auckland Thoroughbred Racing

Murray Bevan runs the country’s largest fashion PR company, Showroom 22, whose impressive client list includes brands such as Karen Walker, Adidas and Deadly Ponies.


As one of New Zealand’s most stylish men, we are thrilled to have him as a judge for both the Hawaiian Airlines Menswear Award and The Ned Prix de Fashion competition which are taking place here this Saturday as part of Vodafone Derby Day.

In the lead-up to the big day on Saturday, Murray has shared his tips for standing out in the crowd – for all the right reasons.



Derby Day is traditionally a black and white theme. Is that something that you like to adhere to?

I have to admit that I’m more of a navy and tan guy, but I can do black and white if the occasion calls for it.

I definitely wouldn’t say that I adhere to any sort of colour palette for my wardrobe, as you need to have some colour sometimes, as well as monochrome to be a bit more subtle.

What sort of accessories should a man wear on raceday?

Accessories are important, but I think the mistake guys make regarding accessories these days is that they try and do everything – and then they end up looking like a traveling salesman.

A classy pocket square is a nice touch, but perhaps pare that with an open-neck shirt and no tie.

Or a hat could be all you need and you can park the tie and pocket square.

For leather accessories like shoes and belts, try and match the leather colours and even the textures.

I’d say always consider a watch, but almost never gloves – it’s a bit too much.

Where do you suggest that men go for style inspiration?

Mrporter.com is great for inspiration as they create beautiful editorials and tell great stories and then also tell you how/what to buy to get the look.

Their focus is usually on classic style, too, and that’s what defines my personal style I think.

I’m not one for super new trends or standing out from the crowd.

What are your tips for styling separates for a more unique and casual look than a tailored suit?

Contrast is good, so the separates actually look separate and not like you tried to match something but it didn’t work!

Try cement grey and navy, or tan and olive green, or simple white trousers with a patterned shirt or jacket.

Why do you personally enjoy raceday fashion?

Because it’s a chance to dress up and look good, and still these days in New Zealand we don’t have many of those days.

Tips for ticking off Barfoot & Thompson Auckland Cup Day’s ‘touch of blue’ theme?

Well, as I said before, navy is my thing; so I’m all about that deeper shade of blue. Wear it up top so it’s slimming and also powerful.

What would you never wear to the races?

Denim. Don’t wear jeans to the races! Honestly, I feel as though the one thing guys think when they’re asked to dress up is that they have to wear a suit.

But good looking guys with style often can pair separates to look sophisticated and relaxed, which I think are two key goals for the races.

Thanks Murray!

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