Jockey Comments - Group 2 Dunstan Horsefeeds Auckland Thoroughbred Breeders' Stakes

25 Nov 2023
Auckland Thoroughbred Racing
Here are comments from the jockeys in the Group 2 Dunstan Horsefeeds Auckland Thoroughbred Breeders’ Stakes.
1st – Campionessa – Matthew Cameron
Super run. Got a nice run on the fence and she’s proven at this company. Too good for them
2nd – Faraglioni – Jonathan Riddell
Super mare. When I burst between the two I thought we were home. She’s gone great.
3rd – Malt Time – Vinnie Colgan
Probably needs some cut in the ground but she tried hard.
4th – Sanibel – Ryan Elliot
Jumped away slow.  No early speed but she’s finished strongly.
5th – Hasstobefast – Masa Hashizume
Very good run by her.
6th –Our Alley Cat – Michael McNab
Didn’t jump well.
7th –Impresa – Sam Spratt
Quickened off the corner but got swamped.
8th –Fonteyn – Jasmine Fawcett
Tough run. Would have finished closer if we had rain.
9th –Tevere – Joe Doyle
A little disappointing. Ground a bit quick for us today.
10th – Wolverine – Opie Bosson
Had tough run.
11th – Doddle – Kozzi Asano
She went ok in this Group company.
Last – Flamebird – Warren Kennedy
She blew the start and had no luck down the straight. Was running on but no where to go.

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