Auckland Cup Week® fashion: Fashions in the field advice for first-timers

27 Feb 2020
Auckland Thoroughbred Racing

With not one, not two, not three but FOUR racewear fashion competitions taking place here over Auckland Cup Week®; we asked some well-heeled fashions in the field experts what advice they would give anyone who is thinking about entering a competition for the first time.


First-time fashions in the field entrant, Ciara Britton, on the runway in the Hawaiian Airlines Fashions in the Field competition here on Boxing Day. She won!



NEWMARKET. Melbourne Cup Style Award winner (2019) and The Ned Prix de Fashion regional finalist (2020).

“Take a concrete pill and just get out there and do it!!

“Don’t hold yourself back and feel like you’re not good enough, because, you are good enough.

“Smile, breathe and enjoy the limelight being on you for once in that short time you are on stage! 📸💃🏻✨

“Plus, you’re guaranteed a new fb profile pic.”


Award-winning milliner, experienced fashions in the field judge and has won too many racewear competitions to list here (including The Ned Prix de Fashion).

“Embrace the process and have fun putting your outfit together – it doesn’t need to be stressful!

“Get your friends’ opinions but always go with your gut feeling.”


No stranger to a fashions in the field sash and previous grand finalist in The Ned Prix de Fashion.

“I agree with Claire, embrace the process!

“If you are entering because you want to win a sash, you are in it for the wrong reason. The enjoyment of putting an outfit together, and meeting amazing creative people should be the main aims of entering.

“And Amber is right too – go out and enjoy showing off your outfit! Make sure you love what you are wearing and you’re not just wearing something because you think it will win.

“Make sure you put your whole outfit on and snap a picture. This is the best way to study your outfit and see if you need to add/remove something.

“Wear your heels around home to break them in.

“Make sure your survival kit on the day includes lipstick, safety pins, hair clips, plasters, a needle & colour coordinated thread, Panadol and a pair of flats for the walk from the car park.”

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